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Charting your child's progress

Here at The Village we believe in supporting children’s development through extending and building on what they can already do. We Observe, Watch and Listen to (OWL) each individual child and use what we learn from this to plan activities for them, ensuring that they reach their full potential whilst always playing and having fun!


Parents are kept informed about what their children are doing and achieving at Nursery through a secure on-line learning journal, which is updated at least once a week with photos, videos and entries so that parents can see what their children have been enjoying. These entries are linked to the 419(!) learning outcomes that children should meet by the time they leave Reception.


One of our goals is to help to prepare all our children for Reception, by promoting excellent social, communication, physical and cognitive skills. We will have introduced learning concepts such as Letter, Number, Shape and Colour recognition, helping the children to achieve all of their Early Learning Goals, but more importantly, we aim to enhance children’s natural curiosity and instill in them a life-long love of learning and ‘having a go’! We work closely with parents to ensure that by the time our children are ready to leave us, they do so as happy, independent and confident little beings who are ready for their next steps.